Rahim RMT

"To live fully is to honour the ebb & flow between stillness & movement"

NOTE:  I am currently no longer offering appointments in Vancouver.  I am based in Nanaimo since July 2020 and offering appointments at Knead Massage Therapy - you may book online in Nanaimo here: www.kneadtherapy.ca

Deepest gratitude for your support and faith in this work I am privileged to offer.

Please note the following IMPORTANT GUIDELINES to be followed BEFORE & DURING your appointment, to maintain health & safety, and to reduce/minimize potential risk:

  • Before booking or arriving for your appointment, you must confirm that you have not travelled outside of BC in the previous 14 days prior to the date of your appointment – if you have, you will need to remain at home or in self isolation until the 14 day period has passed AND provided that you do not have symptoms of COVID-19    

  • You must also ensure that you have not come into contact with anyone who has travelled outside of BC, or has symptoms or suspected symptoms of COVID-19

  • The cancellation policy is revised so no fee is charged for cancellations if you experience symptoms related to COVID-19 within 24hrs of your appointment

  • Please read through the safety procedures I am following BEFORE booking and let me know if you have any questions or concerns:



  • Please wash your hands upon arrival and departure, using the common washrooms on our floor, hand sanitizer will also be provided in the waiting area

  • Please bring your own water/beverage containers – we can fill yours but will not be providing cups at this time

  • ALL common surfaces will be disinfected between each appointment

  • Please arrive no sooner than 5 minutes prior to your appointment start time to minimize close, prolonged contact with other patients/therapists

    • Dr Tanya will also be seeing patients on some of the same days, so the waiting room will be setup to maximize physical distancing 

  • As always, fresh sheets will be used for each person

  • Since physical distancing will not be possible inside the treatment room, I will wear disposable gloves and a nonmedical face mask during treatment, we can discuss additional measures as needed

  • Please bring your own face mask to wear during treatment, a limited number of disposal nonmedical masks may be available if needed

  • Payments will be processed through one of the following touchless options:

    • E-transfer

    • Credit card on file

    • Direct billing to your extended health provider 

    • Contactless Square Credit/Debit Card Reader

  • When you arrive for treatment, we will take a few minutes to discuss what you need to feel safe in order to receive treatment.  If for any reason you do not feel safe after this conversation, you can choose to leave and cancel your appointment at no cost


CranioSacral Therapy

What is 'CranioSacral Therapy' and how is it beneficial?  What conditions can this type of therapy help with?


90-min Regular Maintenance Reset Protocol

This is a new offering for anyone seeking a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating yet customized and intentional treatment that goes as deep or light as needed


Feeling Stuck / reached a plateau

You've got this nagging pain, have tried stretching, other treatment, ignoring it and yet it persists so you've given up and are just accepting it...  maybe you don't need to any longer...


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