Patient Experiences

I have been working with Rahim for almost a year, and his work has transformed my body.  I started with him expecting a regular, relaxing massage, but what I got was beyond anything I expected.  Rahim knows how to work with the emotions trapped in the tissues of the body, and helps people to feel lighter, freer, and more hopeful.  He helped me release some major physical traumas from my past, and his work has even impacted the kinds of foods I now choose to eat! I see my sessions with Rahim as a necessary part of my self-care and personal development routine.  As I change, the treatments change, and every session leaves me feeling better in my skin.
Dr. Saira Sabzaali, Canadian Certified Counsellor


I cannot say enough about my relief of pain from cranial massage with Rahim. I'm a 63-year-old business woman with a pharmacy and had so much trouble with back and neck pain until I was treated by Rahim - now I'm walking 4km a day with my dogs again!
M.D., Businesswoman


My first time seeing Rahim, I had a lot of tension in my neck and my back and within the first five minutes of treatment, he found this spot and I felt immediate relief. It had been bothering me for days and within five minutes it was gone. The whole experience was really weird, but in a great way!

Viviana M.

I found Rahim when I was desperately looking for some immediate treatment on my upper back for a pulled upper rib. I had a massive headache and could barely stand upright from the muscle tightness and pain. I had no real knowledge of what treatment Rahim did and hadn’t realized he was specialized in myofascial treatment. Within 15 minutes of him working on my cranium, my headache was gone, and I left with none of the severe pain I went in with. It was such an eye-opening experience about the connectivity of the body and how the facia can have as big an impact on tightness and imbalance as the muscles themselves. Rahim greatly impressed me with his intuitiveness that borderlines on uncanny, and his gentleness can make you forget you’re receiving treatment. I continue to see him for treatments and have since referred 7 family members and friends to him. All have come away with similar experiences and greatly appreciate his skill. Would highly recommend Rahim as a practitioner, especially if you are open to treatment outside of traditional deep tissue massage therapy. Well worth it.

Female, 28, Analyst


Rahim is the most intuitive therapist I’ve ever had. He has an incredibly holistic approach to massage and is always progressing his knowledge in heath care. He listens carefully to what issues and lifestyle factors I’m working with, but more importantly listens to my body as he’s treating me. I always feel a difference leaving Rahim - he’s helped me stay my most active, relaxed, and pain-free ever!

Georgia, 25, Account Manager (Sales Rep)


I went in to [see Rahim] looking for neck, shoulder, and back pain relief after a motor vehicle accident. Rahim was able to understand the pain and provide treatment with such care. I would feel instant relief after my treatment and so in touch with my body. After a few visits, I felt that I had come to know my own body so much better. The thing that set Rahim aside from other practitioners for me, was the thoroughness of his assessments. He would take his time to know where the pain is and where it stems from, so he was focusing on the right areas. Also, he would share throughout the treatment so I felt comfortable and had more knowledge about the pain. I have recommended Rahim to friends as well and they have always thanked me after! Definitely recommend going [to see Rahim] for anyone in discomfort. 

Priya Trehan, Accountant